An incredibly useful element of the Public Sector Framework Database is the ability to export and download – in Excel of PDF format – a list of any frameworks operated by any Public Sector Organisation. These can be easily searched for and selected – and the results will enable you to either view the frameworks online, or download an easy to read document such as the below, which is an example of the report for frameworks operated by Transport for London.

This includes vital information including the frameworks description and information on the services, the dates of the framework, intended value, and key contact details. It also highlight the incumbents.

The report can be easily filtered and changed depending on the Public Sector Body and services allowing you to target specific location, public section bodies and services based on your company and business goals.

With the inclusion of the expiry date and contact details you can quickly look to develop a plan to build relationships with the key contacts within each frameworks which expire within the time period you have selected – allowing you to tailor your marketing and business strategy much more easily and with a much more targeted approach.