Homes England launches new £150m frameworks

Homes England launches the procurement of its new multidisciplinary and technical services frameworks next week.

The frameworks will provide access to professional, technical and design services to prepare land for housing development and disposal to the market. They will give Homes England and other public sector bodies an OJEU compliant means to procure technical and design services.

Stephen Kinsella, director for land at Homes England, said: “This will be the fifth generation of our multidisciplinary framework and our biggest yet, demonstrating Homes England’s expanded role in bringing together land and expertise to speed up the building of new homes.

“We want to create strong working relationships with a wider range of companies who can provide valuable technical advice and design expertise to help accelerate housing development, deliver value for money and great places to live.”

Valued at £150m, the new frameworks with replace Homes England’s current framework that expires in November 2018.

An underpinning multidisciplinary framework will enable Homes England and local authorities to procure a range of integrated technical and design services from a single source. Homes England has operated this arrangement in the past and it will enable it to continue to work with companies and their specialist sub-consultant teams, it said.

The multidisciplinary framework will then be supplemented by a range of specialist frameworks to meet specific future needs and enable Homes England to engage directly with a broader range of companies.

These specialist frameworks are:

– Five regional frameworks to provide planning, masterplanning and consultation services to help us obtain planning permission on Homes England sites.

– A project, cost management and development monitoring framework to support Homes England’s investment activities and also provide more general project and cost management advice aligned to housing development and regeneration.

– Specialist site survey and asbestos frameworks to provide specific services to prepare brownfield land for development.

These multidisciplinary and technical frameworks supplement the services provided by Homes England’s £150m property framework and its £8bn housing development framework delivery partner panel 3 (DPP3).

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