This section of the Public Sector Frameworks Database ensures you’re always aware of the competition in the industry. As well as holding information of the incumbents for each framework the database also allows you to create league tables to highlight where your company sits against its competitors. This allows you to not only see how you’re performing in the Public Sector, but it also allows you to view how competitors are performing and who’re the companies ahead in terms of framework quantities and value in the filtered regions and sectors you choose.

The image below, from the database, shows the start of the league table from a search for architecture frameworks in the Education sector – with the filter being set to UK wide.

The following image shows the league table following the results from the Public Sector Frameworks Database, with the search filters set to find refurbishment contracting frameworks in residential in the UKTFL.

This is an incredibly useful tool for monitoring your performance against competitors. It can also be a great tool if you’re looking to collaborate within the industry and you’re looking to connect with companies in a select region in an industry or sector that you may not primarily work in – for example you can easily find the leading designers/architects within a set region who you may want to network and build a relationship with.

This information can all be easily exported via PDF or Excel with an unlimited amount of downloads and exporting available.