Bidding open for £300bn public works framework

The Government’s Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has kick-started the bidding for a record-breaking Government works framework. The framework, which we be available for us across a variety of Government departments including public sector bodies, local and regional authorities, blue light services and others, will be the first time the CCS has ran a public works framework for this scale of project pipeline.

The CCS Construction Works & Associated Service frameworks is split into the following frameworks and lots:

  • Lot1a: Minor Building Works; Regional Sub Lots (£0k-£3m) – £3.5bn total
  • Lot 1b: Minor Civil Engineering Works; Regional Sub Lots (£0k-£3m) – £1.5bn total
  • Lot 2: Construction Works and Associated Services (£3m-£10m) – £4bn total
  • Lot 3: Construction Works and Associated Services (£10m-£30m) – £4bn total
  • Lot 4: Construction Works and Associated Services (£30m-£80m) – £4bn total
  • Lot 5: Construction Works and Associated Services (£80m+) – £3bn total
  • Lot 6: Residential – £2.25bn total
  • Lot 7: High Rise Residential; Regional Sub Lots – £2.5bn total
  • Lot 8: Maritime – £1.5bn total
  • Lot 9: Airfields – £750m total
  • Lot 10: Demolition – £3bn total
  • Lot 11: Construction Management – £250m total

John Welch, CCS’s Deputy Director for Construction, said: “This agreement will support construction and drive industry growth. Its lotting structure has been designed to maximise opportunities for all sizes of company and that includes SMEs, which play a key role in UK construction. Fo example, standardised payment terms and other fair payment objectives are embedded within the framework scope. This agreement also facilitates the use of digitisation in construction and promotes the use of innovative solutions via MMC.”

The bid pack can be accessed from the CCS website.

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