This section within the Public Sector Frameworks Database allows you to choose your consultancy service or type of construction, your region and then your section. It’s incredibly easy to use – you simply insert the date range that you want the expiry of the framework to be within and within seconds this will list them all which match your criteria.

We recommend looking 18 months into the future, this allows you to have between 6 to 9 months to develop a relationship with the Public Sector body prior to them starting a 6-9 month procurement period. Our Built Environment Networking Conference’s are the perfect place to meet with clients and build those relationships.

The image below from the Public Sector Frameworks Database shows the first four results from a search for Project Management frameworks in the Local Government sector from across the UK which expire within the next 18 months. You can see that there is a total of 55 results for this specific search, which you can search through or export into a PDF or Excel document.

The various filters can be easily changed to tailor your needs. The following image shows the results from the Public Sector Frameworks Database using a search for new build frameworks worth over £3m in the University sector from across the whole of the UK which expire within the next two years.

The filters available will allow you to tailor each search for your specific needs across each contracting or consulting sector, and across a variety of public sector industries will all information delivered instantly – with unlimited downloads/exports available.

This section of the Public Sector Frameworks Database allows you to plan your marketing, business and development strategy in advance – allowing you to target certain industries and public sector bodies and get instant visibility of where your time and efforts should be spent in terms of planning and networking. The information, which can be easily exported and shared, shows the key information needed for your procurement bidding process including: Expiry Date, Extension Period, Value, Contact Details, Incumbents, Framework Details and more. It also includes a link to the original posted framework with the full details.