If public sector frameworks are an important part of your business, or if they should be, then the Public Sector Frameworks Database is a crucial tool to enable you to do business, better.

We have been developing the Public Sector Frameworks Database since 2009 – resulting in a platform with over 24,500+ frameworks available to view across the whole of the UK. The database covers all types of construction consultancy and construction contracting across the whole of England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland.

In relation to the Construction Consulting and Contracting sectors, the PSFD platform allows users to create a business development pipeline with regard to the expiry of existing public sector frameworks. For example, an architect can search for architectural frameworks in say London in the university sector – that expire in 18 months. Looking 18 months ahead for expiry dates allows the architect to have 6-9 months to develop a relationship with that public sector client and then a further 6-9 months for the procurement period to run. The database removes the common problem of the architect, for example, seeing the OJEU/FTS and knowing they are the perfect architect for that job – but they do not know the client and the client does not know them – therefore they are unlikely to get through the PQQ.

The PSFD creates a pipeline for the companies business development team.

The PSFD can be viewed as holding the base data on construction consulting and contracting frameworks in the UK public sector.

Data held includes:

  • Start date,
  • End date, 
  • Any possible extension period,
  • Contact details of the person responsible for the framework for the public sector body,
  • Current incumbents,
  • Hyperlinks to the OJEU contract notice and award where available, and
  • Intended value of the framework

Sectors Covered:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Local Government
  • National Government
  • Residential
  • Transport
  • Regeneration
  • Police
  • Fire
  • Ambulance

With various filters and elements to the database you’re able to tailor it to your needs, which will enable you to:

  • Develop a pipeline of business development opportunities with the ability to see the expiry and value of existing public sector frameworks.
  • Get a complete list of all public sector frameworks your competitors, or yourselves, are on in seconds.
  • View ‘league tables’ to see where you sit amongst competitors in your chosen service, region and sector on both framework quantity and value.
  • Find the leading consultants, contractors or architects within any sector, allowing you to target networking and developing relationships with those who could enhance your business.
  • Helps you acquire other companies within sectors, services and regions if required.
  • Save valuable time for the marketing, bid and sales teams with all public sector framework information being held in one place.

Our database covers every area of construction consultancy and contracting services including:

Consultancy: Acoustics, Architecture, Asbestos, Building Surveying, Civil Engineering, Clerk of Works, Conservation Architecture, Cost Management, Energy, Environmental Engineering, Estates Strategy, Fire Engineering, Health and Safety, Healthcare Planning, Interior Design, Land Surveying, Landscape Architecture, Multi-Disciplinary, Project Management, Services Engineering, Sustainability, Town Planning, Transport Engineering and Utilities Planning.
Contracting: Facilities Management, Refurbishment, New Build, M&E Refurbishment, M&E New Build, Power, Highways, Demolition and Rail.

By signing up for the Public Frameworks Database you and your business will receive:

  • Company access to the database for unlimited users
  • Full access to the database and ability to quickly export information
  • A 12-month contract with no tie-in
  • Monthly Framework Profit Booster emails
  • Access to a private group to collaborate with database users
  • Free online training for all users

For further information on the Public Sector Frameworks Database or to arrange a free online demonstration, which will only take 15 minutes, contact: